Thermally conductive materials up to CTI 600

MTC offers thermally conductive materials that meet the specifications according to Insulating Material Group I: 600 ≤ CTI. The gap pads TCGF-2.0S20F and TCGF-3.0S20F have successfully passed the corresponding test for this purpose. Other thermally conductive materials can be tested on request.

CTI stands for Comparative Tracking Index and is a measure of tracking resistance. The value indicates the voltage up to which there is no conductivity of the material surface. The following insulating material groups are distinguished:

  • Insulating Material Group I: 600 ≤ CTI
  • Insulating Material Group II: 400 ≤ CTI < 600
  • Insulating Material Group IIIa: 175 ≤ CTI < 400 (FR4)
  • Insulating Material Group IIIb: 100 ≤ CTI < 175

A high CTI value allows components to be placed extremely close together to save space, as safety clearances can be minimized.

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