Sheet material

Constant conductive elastomers consist of silicone / fluorosilicone and a homogeneous mixture of electrically conductive filling materials. It can be chosen between , nickel plated , silver plated glass, silver plated and silver plated .

It is recommended to use fluorosilicone as an when resistance to aggressive substances such as hydraulic oils and kerosene is required.

Constant conductive elastomers are available as sheet material and as extruded profiles. Stamped parts or moulded parts are produced according to customer needs.

  • Available with silicone or fluorosilicone as basic material
  • Choice of different fillers
  • Wide range of thicknesses available
  • Very good elasticity
  • Good heat resistance
  • Highest protection against humidity and dirt (up to IP68)


SPL series

Description Datasheet
Delivery form: SPL series Material thickness 0,3-6,4 mm
Filler: AGAL Silver plated aluminum
Filler: AGCU Silver plated
Filler: AGGL Silver plated glass
Filler: NIC Nickel plated
Filler: C

Other dimensions on request.

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