Company growth makes construction of a new office and warehouse building necessary

The construction of the new MTC company building is in full swing and is progressing as planned. In September 2023, we will move into our significantly larger premises at Josef-Krätz-Straße 13 in Dillingen. With a tripling of warehouse space and a doubling of office space, the company’s growth is continuing.

Sustainable into the future

Sustainability is also a high priority for us in the construction of the company building. The new building is built with environment and energy efficiency in mind:

  • Rooftop solar panels will enable to be energy self sufficient in most circumstances
  • Sustainable and carbon-neutral wood pellet heating system replaces a gas-fuelled one
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles and e-bikes for company and employee vehicles are available

We would like to thank all those involved for their professional cooperation and reliable execution of the project and are already looking forward to our move into the new company building!

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